Mighty Making is a  501(c)3 that is currently looking for sponsors and donors for our multiple programs and projects. Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions in our communities. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

Tax ID number EIN: 84-4089424



Bridging the digital divide 

Mighty Making has four functions, providing mentorships through successful professionals: Helping individuals acquire knowledge, skills and awareness needed for success. Directly improving individuals work/education performance and productivity. Helping individuals establish viable self-employment ventures; and Helping individuals actively prepare for future professional engagements.

Tech/Stem Workshops 

Topics include Office proficiency, Social Media Marketing, UX (User Experience) design, Coding, Web Development, Canva design, WordPress, and Social Public Relations implementation.

Family Assistants

Mighty Making is committed to assisting individuals with career and college-readiness, exploration intervention/prevention education regarding various lifestyles, moral/academic support and celebration of individual achievement.


*All donations are tax deductible. Mighty Making has tax exempt status from the IRS under code 501 (c)(3).  Be sure to indicate “one-time” or “monthly” in the Donation Schedule.  All donations will be acknowledged by a “thank you” confirmation as a receipt for your records. Please contact us with any questions.                             

Tax ID number EIN: 84-4089424

Direct Benefits to You for Giving

  • A charitable contribution  will help your community and could directly benefit you. You could receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit ($400 maximum for individuals, $800 for married couples).
  • This contribution may offset your Arizona income tax obligation and is in addition to school, foster child, and other similar tax credits! You can break your contribution into monthly payments.
For general information about the tax credit, please visit  or call (602) 255-3381.

Donor-Advised Funds (DAF)

Donors can contribute as frequently as you like. When the deposit assets into the account, charitable tax deduction will be receive immediately.

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Donate By Check

Please write checks payable to “Mighty Making”

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Mighty Making   

Mailing address will be available soon.                                                                                       



Contributor Interest


Hello and welcome! If you find our mission resonates with you and you would like to chat about partnering up in some capacity, we’d love to hear from you. Creative collaboration may come in the form of contributing writing, illustrations, or photography, or may be in the form of network collaboration such as influencer partnerships, sponsorship, or digital marketing through blogs, website, podcasts and other media. Team work makes the dream work!

Call Us: (480)747-5922