Mighty Making Helping All To Be Mighty

Bridging the digital divide and empowering all by providing educational opportunities and technology



Mighty Making has four functions, providing mentorships through successful professionals: Helping individuals acquire knowledge, skills and awareness needed for success. Directly improving individuals work/education performance and productivity. Helping individuals establish viable self-employment ventures; and Helping individuals actively prepare for future professional engagements.

Tech/Stem Workshops

Topics include Office proficiency, Social Media Marketing, UX (User Experience) design, Coding, Web Development, Canva design, WordPress, and Social Public Relations implementation.

Youth Services

Mighty Making is committed to assisting individuals with career and college-readiness, exploration intervention/prevention education regarding various lifestyles, moral/academic support and celebration of individual achievement.

Our Mission

Mighty Making goal is to provide underserved communities with educational and socio-technological opportunities for equitable success.  


Want to make a Donation?

The money you donate here will go to support our cause of giving children the equitable opportunity to learn. EIN: 84-4089424